EQL WMS dramatically improves the warehouse productivity and inventory accuracy. It’s paper free transactions increases inventory accuracy to 99.8%. It helps strengthening customer relationships, reduce operating expenses and increase warehouse & distribution efficiencies. It is designed for variety of traders, manufacturers, logistics/ shipping companies, distributors, retailers, service organizations, etc.

Due to its modular design, EQL WMS can be easily customized for various clients as per their requirements. EQL WMS is an intelligent investment that will bring instant accuracy in your warehouse operations and yield you long term financial benefits.

Our Modules

Our warehouse management solution, EQL WMS helps you to improve your operational efficiencies and automate your processes.EQL WMS provides following features:

Application is web based so user can access it from any location and he is able to do all the operations

Multiple Warehouses / Distribution Centers can be connected to each other and form Centralized System

User can view the present stock for individual warehouses

User can view the available free space in individual warehouses

All types of reports are provided as per suggestions given by Maharashtra Warehousing Corporation

All reports are available for daily basis as well as the for specific time period

Application is very user friendly

Security features are provided for all levels

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