In E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , we are committed to our people. We work towards creating an environment in which our associates can perform their best and thus provide quality service, service that is customer oriented. We Enable, Encourage and Empower associates to learn.

Our Culture

We are a Progressive, Dynamic, High Technology, “Can Do” organization of Achievement-oriented, Honest and Entrepreneurial professionals, who build Relationships internally and externally, work as a Family and have a lot of Fun doing so. The culture and the values of the organization instill the spirit of openness and oneness across all levels. As a result, E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. works in an exciting and enjoyable team-based environment.

Our HR Philosophy

E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. HR practices shape its workforce to continuously innovate in a dynamic industry.


We believe in the strength of human resources, and focus on recruitment function. A sound recruitment process translates into a strong foundation for the organization that only comes about when talented people from diverse backgrounds approach problems from varying perspectives.


To keep pace with the changing IT scenario, we impart extensive training to the associates to enhance their knowledge and skills as per job requirements. Other than the technical skills we also focus on team building, presentation skills and grooming.

Retaining the best

In an era where company loyalty is on the decline, and demand for skilled software resources is high, E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. strength lies in retaining and developing its associates. E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. constantly reviews its HR Policies keeping it up to date with industry standards. E-QL Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. unerring success in retaining its top talent is the secret behind its sustained growth and industry acknowledgements.

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